Agine Mwuese Esther


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Hey everyone It’s your favorite beauty Queen Agine Mwuese Esther and by my looks I know you probably think I’m Igbo but I’m tiv from Benue state with gifting’s of singing, acting and dancing from God; and yes, I’m a Christian. I love writing, singing and conversing with divinity and man. I contested and emerged 2nd runner up in the Face of Kharis 2020, now unto greater heights in Miss Wazobia Nigeria and I implore you to join me on this beautiful journey as we run towards greatness together again.


Question 1– do you have any pets?
Answer– No I don’t have any pets.
Question 2– favorite movie?
Answer– Game of thrones.
Question 3– favorite feel good song?
Answer– Capable God.
Question 4–Favorite online blog/YouTube channel?
Question 5– Describe yourself in two sentences?
Answer- Think of a prayerful, powerful, phenomenal black woman, focused on goals as simple as serving God, all round personal growth and adding value to humanity. She’s me and I’m her.