Amisho Moses


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Hi everyone, I’m Amisho Moses, a Christian and I’m honored to represent my hometown Taraba, as Miss Wazobia Nigeria.

I’m an undergraduate , a lady who has the passion to promote Nigerian culture and the next young Nigerians through education and talents.
I love vacations and i find peace in reading novels, I love to travel because it gives me the opportunity to experience other cultures and learn new languages.

I love pageant because it gives young girls the opportunity to be representative and voice out the changes they want in their communities.

The most fun thing I like is the pageant crown, because serving others and knowing their voice will be heard is what I love.

I believe by introducing young Nigerians to creativity and talents this will bring solutions to our challenges and it will bring the changes they want.


Question 1_Do you have any pets?
Answer _No
Question 2_Favorite movie
Answer_ Extended family
Question3 _ Favourite Feel good song ?
Answer _Alone by Alan walker
Question 4_Favourite online Blog/YouTube channel?
Answer _Jeremy’s blog
Question 5_
Describe yourself in two sentences?
Answer _ Jovially joke