Hannah Isaac


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Hannah Isaac is my name. A dark skinned, Fulani girl from Misau,Bauchi, I delight in poring over books, baking of cakes and unfurling my unbridled thoughts on paper as poems. There’s something quite serene about the flour motes billowing out of the baking bowl or the dust motes over an old book you just discovered that appeals to my senses. Or the feel thoughts and kaleidoscope of images exploding in your mind’s eye as your pen struggles to conjure them into words on paper. By the way, I’m an avid milk lover, adore animals and nature and I simply love love love kids. My favorite color is the color black, I am a Christian who loves God from the depth of my being and it’s my earnest aspiration to build an orphanage of my own some day, infused with love.



Question 1,Do you have any pets? Yes I do. A crippled dog
Question 2, Favorite movie?
God Calling
Question 3, Favorite Feel Good Song?
Enya- Only Time
Question 4, Favorite Online Blog/YouTube channel?
Best of the Voice Kids
Question 5, Describe Yourself in Two sentences?
I am a bookworm and I love writing poems