Happiness Chizaram


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I’m Happiness Chizaram Kachi, from Achi in Oji River Local Government Area, Enugu State. I was growing up having this dreams of making it real big in life and putting smiles on the faces of people, as a Christian….the happiness of others means a lot to me as we are ought to love everyone as equally as we do loves ourselves.
I emerged the winner of the Enugu State “Centenary Schools’ Competition, 2009” (Oji-River L.G.A) I also was awarded a scholarship in the year 2011 by “The Elugwu Akwu Achi Town Union, Lagos Branch”

A crew member of Diamond Live Media World. The Costumier of DivaKings Productions, Enugu Branch. I ventured into the entertainment industry in the year 2016, tho I backed Off for a long time and in 2019 I signed up with Diamond Live Media and am still moving, Believing I could fulfill my childhood dreams of keeping people entertained, happy and thereby passing needful information/messages through this medium. Acting is what I love doing.

With a grateful heart glowing in love and care, I’m happy to introduce myself and reintroduce my beautiful country through this pageant. Do well to journey with me as we meet new worlds, display our cultures and spice up our livelihood.

Quick Questions

Question 1 – Do You Have Any Pets?

Answer – No

Question 2 – Favourite Movie

Answer – Reach (Nollywood)

Question 3 – Favourite Feel Good Song?

Answer — Sacrifice by Elton John

Question 4 – Favourite Online Blog/ YouTube channel?

Answer – Splendid Cartoons (YouTube)

Question 5 – Describe Yourself in Two Sentences?

Answer – I love simplicity and lives just upright.

Being around people that appreciates every of my efforts and corrects me whenever am not getting things right.