Vivian Chinedu


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My name is vivian chinedu esogbue, I’m 22yrs old from Delta state, born and raised in Lagos.

I’m a BEd in Human Kinetics and health education Undergraduate in Cross River State University of Technology (CRUTECH) and my love for entertainment knows no bounds cause not only do I sing, I also dance and I’m also an aspiring model. I love to sing and dance and have productive and fun conversations with people, I’m a lover of animals mostly dogs. I also love travelling but I’ve not really been privileged to do that, and I also love sports cause it’s fun and interesting and lively, that’s why I chose human kinetics and health education as a major in the university cause it gives me a broader understanding about sports

My love for modelling and pageantry has always been there since I was a child so much so that I was nicknamed Agbani Darego at age12 but I’ve never really had the privilege or the opportunity to explore in this aspect cause all I was focusing on was MBGN forgetting that before you go big, you’ll need to start small but when I realized this, that was when I started going for different modelling cast and call and it was through this process I came across MWN so I’m sure it’s safe to say, this is my first but definitely not my last pageantry audition.